B01lers Alumni

Andrew Hou (Public Relations, 2020-2022)

Can be found as @mweepigeon#4183 on Discord, Twitter, and cohost.

Nathan Peercy (Former President)

Joined B01lers back when it used IRC instead of Discord. He's also known for building the couch cart. Since graduating, Nathan has spent time developing blockchain security tools, performing pentests, and as an engineer at a startup building an attack surface management platform.
Discord: Chofhe#3420
Email: nbanmp@gmail.com

@novafacing (Former VP, Event Coordinator)

Can be found as @novafacing on Discord, Twitter, cohost, and Github.

Bader AlBassam (Former President, 2017)

Took B01lers from an organization with one member to a top ranked CTF team within a couple years.

If you would like to contact a previous officer, the best way to do so is to reach out via any included socials above, or contact the team via the club email, ctf@purdue.edu.