b01lers no longer uses IRC as our primary chat method! ( :( )

To join our discord channel, join with THIS LINK!

If you'd like some IRC instructions, we've left them below:

Getting on IRC

About IRC:

IRC is an old chat protocol and our primary means of communication in the club. It's not the same as those 2018 clubs that use GroupMe or Facebook Messenger (Begone, Zuckerburg!). It's ephemeral. You won't see any messages sent while you are offline.

Downloading a client:

There are two ways to use IRC: as a temporary connection that you use while you're at your computer and only while you're actively on it, and as a server, which you run on a server somewhere and connect to so that you never miss messages. This is our recommended way to use IRC.

For on-machine connections, we recommend using HexChat. We don't recommend this as the way you always use IRC, though! We recommend you run a bouncer, or a server that allows you to always see messages when you log back in. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and most consistent is Quassel. You'll need to install the core on a server, and then install the client on your desktop or laptop and connect to the core with it. It's very easy and the website will tell you everything you need to know! In the event that you don't have and can't get a server for yourself, which we greatly prefer, the club has a server that we can give you an account on to use IRC over a bouncer. We'd like to stress that this is of limited availability and will only be allocated to members who make a concerted effort to play and appear at practice often.

Connecting to our IRC channel:

On your IRC client, you'll need to first join the freenode network with the following:

chat.freenode.net 6697

Be sure to check the box for using an encrypted/SSL connection

Once you've connected to freenode, follow the prompts to register your account or follow the guide here and verify through email. Then, join the channel:

/join #b01lers

If you have any issues or want help setting up IRC, let us know at a meeting, mail the mailing list, or use the contact us page.